Physical Structure – TED ÇORLU KOLEJİ

Physical Structure

TED Çorlu College has been designed as a modern education campus that provides all the necessary opportunities for the development of its students in academic, social, cultural and sports fields.

TED Çorlu College offers all the necessary opportunities for the safe, healthy and happy development of its students with its 15,538 m2 closed area and 8 decares of garden, built on 11 decares of land with the most advanced construction technology. The architectural concept makes a difference with a separate education block and independent entrance for each school, indoor breakout areas separated by age groups, a rich social reinforcement environment consisting of sports, culture, art and education spaces, and solutions that take care of natural daylight and ventilation.

TED Çorlu College campus is a “future project” that will set an example not only in the country but also abroad, in terms of its design, construction quality and technological infrastructure.
55 m2 classrooms Visual arts workshop
Single rows for 24 people Music workshop
Use of smart board Chess workshop
Cutting-edge technology in hybrid and online education Kitchen workshop
Acoustic environment arranged for online course Visual media workshop
Natural ventilation in every classroom Ceramic workshop
Separate laboratory for each level Robotics and mechatronics workshop
Multi-purpose indoor sports hall with a capacity of 250 spectators State-of-the-art conference hall for 500 people
Indoor pool Ecological garden for generations that respect nature
Fitness center Experimental cuisine that gives you the opportunity to experience world food
Spinning / yoga / ballet / pilates studios School radio
Basketball / volleyball / handball court College Street, which will host events such as exhibitions
Tennis court DINING HALL
Climbing wall Modern, spacious general dining hall for 400 people
LIBRARY Modern, spacious general dining hall for 80 people
340 m2 usage area Tables separated by separators
Reading room for 88 people Fast service with double bain-marie
10 individual study rooms CANTEEN
TED STORE Opportunity to shop with smart card
Sample school clothes Healthy school food
TED affiliation products 40 person seating capacity
Opportunity to sell with smart card and credit card Online program where students' shopping is tracked
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