Security Services – TED ÇORLU KOLEJİ

Security Services

Thanks to the security systems we have installed, our school is under 24/7 protection against unauthorized entry, theft, fire and gas leak hazards.

The alarm system we set up to prevent unauthorized access to our campus and to prevent our students from leaving the designated areas, sounds the siren and sends a signal to the Information Center when an undesirable situation occurs. Authorized personnel immediately intervene in the situation with the notification sent to the Information Center.

When necessary, the security forces and the fire brigade are informed about the place where the alarm came from and directed to the address. With the thermal cameras located at the entrance of Block A, Block B and Block C, which have a reporting feature, temperature measurements of those entering our school are made, and their mask usage status is monitored instantly.

For the safety of our students, there are 149 cameras installed in every part of our school, which are monitored and recorded in HD quality 24/7.

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