Pandemic Period Hygiene Measures – TED ÇORLU KOLEJİ

Pandemic Period Hygiene Measures

At TED Çorlu College, rational solutions are offered against the coronavirus pandemic, with gardens that allow teaching in a sheltered environment in the open air, classrooms of above standard sizes, natural ventilation in every indoor environment, and high-capacity online connection technology that provides hybrid education when necessary.

Necessary measures are also taken to create a healthy environment in the TED Çorlu College campus:

  • Information posters about rules, social distance, mask use, hand cleaning are located at the entrance and inside the buildings.
  • Disinfectants are available at school building entrances, corridors and classrooms.
  • Products that meet the criteria in the Ministry of Health's Covid-19 Guide are used for surface cleaning and disinfection of all areas.
  • Seating groups in all common areas are arranged according to social distance rules.



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