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Assessment and Evaluation Unit

Measurement and evaluation in a school is an important element that contributes to the improvement in student achievement. Thanks to its contribution to the development of this unit measurement tools, scoring processes and effective feedback; It directs the school programs, gives the teacher the opportunity to structure the teaching activities, and provides important information to the student about his strengths and aspects that need to be developed. In addition to all these, the measurement and evaluation unit; determines the general achievement level of students, students with learning disabilities and learning difficulties. It determines the difficult issues in the teaching process and provides important data about what the measures to be taken can be. For this purpose, the measurement and evaluation unit provides the following works.

  • Preparing exams such as readiness, determining learning deficiencies or determining the level at various stages of the teaching process and evaluating their results,
  • To calculate the test (arithmetic mean, peak value, median, standard deviation, etc.) and item (item difficulty, item discrimination) statistics of the items used in the exams,
  • Using the statistics obtained, primarily to give feedback to teachers about students’ learning. In addition, to contribute to the creation of more qualified questions and the development of a more qualified test,
  • To determine the level of achieving the goals aimed by the program in the units covered,
  • To report the development process and effort of the student with the applied achievement test results,
  • To forward the relevant reports to the school principal so that the evaluations made are notified to the student, teacher and parents,
  • Supporting teachers on how to increase the reliability and validity of the questions prepared,
  • To assist field selection and orientation studies by collecting data,
  • Helping the development, implementation and scoring of measurement and status determination ways that contribute to the development of students’ higher-order thinking skills, such as projects.
As a result; It is possible to make education more scientific and effective with the Measurement and Evaluation Unit. For this purpose, while evaluating student achievement, it is necessary to develop more objective measurement tools, to create scoring keys and to give effective feedback. In this sense, the studies of the Measurement and Evaluation Unit in TED Çorlu College ensure that the education process becomes more efficient and effective.
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