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Values Education

Social and human values constitute the most important aspect of human life. As an individual and a part of society, children; They need to know the humanitarian values of the society they live in such as love, respect, responsibility, dignity, freedom, doing their best, tolerance and internalize them as a way of behavior. These values, which affect and shape people's lives, are learned by living and feeling through observation and interactions. In this sense, the acquisition of human and ethical values is an important part of the education process.

At TED Çorlu College, systematic studies are carried out to ensure that our students become individuals who are aware of their cultural values and past, who keep them alive, act within the limits of love and respect in their social relations, are tolerant, just, aware of their responsibilities, self-confident, entrepreneurial, able to look critically, and have developed aesthetic feelings and creativity.

At all levels of education, efforts are made to acquire values and transform into behaviors with activities appropriate to the age level of children. Developed by the Turkish Education Association, the Values Education program at all levels; It is practiced until students graduate from high school, and our students are put into life as one of the distinguished TED graduates who set an example for society in all areas of life. Students who graduate from TED Çorlu College, who started to feel the spirit of TED and the qualities of being a TED student, will be able to guide many people with their commitment to social values when they graduate from high school and step into university.

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