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Guidance Services

In PCG studies, it is aimed that the student can make the right choices by knowing themselves, make the right decisions, and realize themselves as a healthy and balanced person, and a systematic and professional help process is carried out in this direction.

Comprehensive developmental guidance understanding is essential at TED Çorlu College. PCG services are based on the principles of confidentiality, voluntariness, continuity, respect for personal rights, the dignity of the individual, the autonomy of the individual and cooperation with the relevant people. PCG studies are carried out in three areas.

1-Individual Guidance: To develop personalized education programs, taking into account the personal characteristics of students, socio-economic and cultural factors, and providing psychological counseling services to students and their families regarding the needs and problems of students.

2-Educational Guidance: To improve the working behaviors of students, to ensure that the students in kindergarten transition to primary school, primary school students to secondary school, and secondary school students to high school in an equipped way.

3-Vocational Guidance: In line with Multiple Intelligence Theory, to observe the interests and abilities of the students from kindergarten, to apply the necessary inventories and to direct the students to the most suitable professions by following their interests and abilities throughout their education.

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