Program Development Unit – TED ÇORLU KOLEJİ

Program Development Unit

The Turkish Education Association creates different course programs in order to increase the quality of education in its schools and prepares support materials accordingly. There are 65 sets of Turkish Education Association publications course / support books and teacher guidebooks for some areas that are used in TED Schools. In addition to all these studies, TED provides support to teachers and experts working at TED Schools by producing materials related to education and training programs.

Studies carried out in this context:

  • By following the developments in educational sciences, teachers are offered seminars, workshops etc. within the scope of in-service training,
  • To examine curricula, to develop and evaluate programs if needed,
  • Planning, conducting and evaluating projects to increase the quality of educational activities,
  • Activities, worksheets, materials, etc. to be used in the learning-teaching process in cooperation with the relevant teachers design,
  • To carry out exam services and to develop the assessment-evaluation question bank software,
  • To prepare reports to evaluate school and student performance in internal and external exams,
  • Developing different measurement tools for the needed issues and preparing evaluation reports.
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