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Student Clubs and Activities

• During the club time, which is included in the weekly curriculum, students other than the 8th grade participate in the club activities organized by taking into account the characteristics of the age group they are in.

• These activities are applied in scientific, social, cultural, artistic and sportive fields in order to develop students' self-confidence and responsibilities, and to create new interests and skills.

• Our middle school students participate in club activities on Thursdays in the 8th and 9th classes.

• During the Club Promotion Day held at the beginning of the year, advisor teachers and coaches inform the students about the clubs that will be opened that year, and preferences are made from the K12Net clubs module.

• Afterwards, club distributions are made according to the preferences of the students together with their parents.

Why this club?
• You learn to cooperate, share and work as a team,
• You learn to work with limits and rules,
• Your communication skills improve,
• Your problem solving ability is strengthened,
• You gain self-confidence and your sense of responsibility develops.

What awaits you?
• This club will improve your sports skills,
• It will make the body agile and flexible,
• It will increase the strength and endurance of the body,
• It will ensure the development of bones and muscles,
• Your body will stay in shape as a lot of calories are spent in this club.
Why this club?
• While improving your skills and abilities, you can work to support your social development,
• You can use your own figures with the harmony of music and rhythm,
• You learn about other cultures and their dances,
• You realize how much your body can stretch with dance,
• Your attention, adaptation and thinking skills improve.

What awaits you?
• It will enable you to socialize in a different environment and make different friends,
• It will develop your awareness of acting and taking responsibility as a group or individually,
• You will experience one of the best ways to burn calories,
• By strengthening your aerobic capacity, you will make your body more dynamic and energetic,
• You will feel happier.
Why this club?
• You can make music with your friends,
• You can perform different types of music,
• You learn to interpret music with the right technique,
• You improve your rhythmic memory,
• You become a patient and self-confident individual.

What awaits you?
• You will gain stage experience,
• You will benefit from numerous instruments in the music workshop,
• You will create musical ensembles and present the learned works to the audience,
• You will listen to different types of music,
• You will have conversations about world music.
Why this club?
• You can use different techniques and materials,
• Your hand skills and creativity develop,
• You draw by observing the objects and figures around you,
• Your habit of helping, sharing, participating in joint group work develops,
• At the same time, you gain artistic interpretation skills.

What awaits you?
• It will enable you to express your feelings comfortably and develop your skills,
• Your freedom and originality will be strengthened,
• You will do three-dimensional studies,
• You will be able to participate in painting competitions and project studies,
• You will be able to open exhibitions of the works you will carry out and the products you produce throughout the year.
Why this club?
• Thanks to this club, you can think fast and act quickly,
• You become an individual who is not affected by external stimuli, but most importantly, does not panic even under tension,
• You grow as a self-confident person who can find and apply the right moves,
• You bring correct interpretations to events,
• You reveal your individual talents.

What awaits you?
• You will learn to act in a planned manner,
• You will gain and develop a sense of self-confidence,
• You will better understand and focus on other course topics,
• You will adopt an inquisitive approach towards the subjects, and you will get rid of the rote mentality,
• You will learn that success can only be achieved with systematic and disciplined work.
Why this club?
• You learn to shape and be patient by using ceramic mud (clay),
• You contribute to the emergence of imagination and talent,
• You learn to plan and use time correctly,
• You learn to make two- and three-dimensional formatting in dimensional designs,
• You improve your hand skills and perspective.

What awaits you?
• It will develop your imagination, gaining the perception of three dimensions, enabling you to use your creative thinking power freely,
• You will learn ceramic technique and rules,
• You will learn the methods of examining works of art,
• You will gain the habit of working systematically and cleanly,
• You will gain the skill of mastering the material you use and become an individual who makes your own decision.
Why this club?
• Your creative thinking skills increase,
• You learn to reason quickly and accurately,
• Your problem solving skills develop,
• Your social communication is strengthened, you gain self-confidence,
• Your personal aspects such as continuing the work to the end, perseverance, empathy, resistance, and struggle develop.

What awaits you?
• You will think multi-dimensionally, evaluate the possibilities correctly and develop a strategy,
• You will easily express what you think,
• You will gain empathy ability,
• You will be a determined, struggling, unyielding individual,
• You will make correct and quick decisions
Why this club?
• You gain the habit of cycling,
• You learn the correct use of bicycles and traffic rules,
• After the work to be done, your condition will increase, you will gain speed,
• You learn about bicycle parts, maintenance and repair processes,
• You become a more social individual by participating in activities.

What awaits you?
• Your bones will get stronger and your muscle mass will increase,
• Your joint mobility will improve,
• As it requires conditioning, the fat level in your body will decrease,
• Your circle of friends will expand,
• Your physical build and coordination will improve.
Why this club?
• You produce and share content such as videos, photos and pictures,
• You learn how to express yourself in the most accurate way,
• You can get the copyright of the content you have prepared,
• You can interact with people who have common interests with you,
• You can classify the sources you come across in researches according to your needs, and you will learn to find reliable sources easily.

What awaits you?
• You will learn to respect personal rights in the content you create,
• You will be able to use at least two of the video editing programs,
• You will be able to work on photographs,
• You will be able to edit audio files,
• You will be able to use digital technologies in a beneficial way.
Why this club?
• You like the art of theater and gain the habit of watching theater,
• Your ability to express yourself develops,
• Your creativity increases,
• You learn teamwork, you take responsibility,
• You learn to use body language.

What awaits you?
• You will learn to respect individual differences and to tolerate different views, beliefs and cultural values,
• You will gain the ability to behave in a measured, respectful and understanding manner,
• You will be able to combine your imagination with real world experiences,
• You will learn role-playing and theater techniques,
• You will be able to perform a theater play on the stage.
Why this club?
• You can use your English actively,
• You gain self-confidence as you will use your creative grammar on stage,
• Your english listening, reading, writing, speaking, role-playing and communication skills develop,
• You develop your skills in expressing feelings and thoughts with movement, gestures, facial expressions and words,
• You get to know foreign cultures better.

What awaits you?
• You will be able to work on various scripts written in English,
• You will learn basic drama techniques,
• You will be able to practice English in a fun and creative environment,
• You will learn to socialize and share with different cultures,
• You will be able to perform a theater play on the stage and crown your club work with a learning feast.
Why this club?
• It produces solutions to our daily problems by using technology,
• You get the opportunity to implement your ideas,
• You learn the laws of sensors, mathematics and physics with fun,
• You research, discover, combine parts, create a product from scratch,
• You can make your own robot and direct it by typing the codes you want.

What awaits you?
• You will develop a robot and assign tasks to it,
• You will develop your inventing skills and engineering direction,
• You will be able to contribute to the solution of real-life problems by making Lego, Coding, 3D and 2D digital designs,
• In addition to all this, you will enjoy learning the Python language, which is a real coding language and used by giant institutions such as Google/NASA, with programmable drones,
• You will be able to develop new projects and participate in competitions.
Why this club?
• You learn to fight constantly by playing tennis/table tennis,
• You maintain your health, fitness and agility,
• You gain discipline, you become more organized,
• You learn to plan and develop a strategy,
• You gain a sense of responsibility.

What awaits you?
• Your hand-eye coordination will develop,
• Your shoulder, arm and hand muscles will be strengthened,
• Your attention and focusing skills will improve, your reflexes will improve,
• Your leg and hind leg muscles will be strengthened,
• It will help your mental development as you make the right and quick decisions.
Why this club?
• You gain a sense of responsibility,
• Your sense of cooperation and trust develops,
• You learn to work as a team by moving away from individuality,
• Your hand and eye coordination develop,
• Your friendship relations are strengthened.

What awaits you?
• You will get stronger, you will prevent a load on your vertebrae,
• You will stretch your body,
• You will gain the ability to focus,
• It will enable you to act harmoniously by gaining coordination of the body,
• Your athletic abilities will develop.
Why this club?
• While swimming, all the muscles in the body are activated and work actively at all times,
• At the same time, both your arm, leg and abdominal muscles are strengthened,
• You maintain your health, fitness and agility,
• Since you apply force against the resistance of the water, you will spend more calories and get your body in shape,
• You learn to swim with rules and swimming styles with comfortable and aesthetic movements in the water.

What awaits you?
• Swimming will increase your bone mass,
• It will increase your lung capacity,
• It will help to reduce the stress level,
• You will gain physical flexibility,
• You will increase the clean blood flow of your body and you will have a healthier blood circulation.
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