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Library and Information Center

TED Çorlu College library is located on the second basement floor of our campus. Our modern library, which has a usage area of 340 m², can serve 88 users at the same time. In addition, our library has 10 reading rooms that allow all users to work individually or in groups, 4 computers with internet connection and 1 browser that users can use for their academic research.

Our library collection is positioned in three sections according to age groups as child/primary education section, adolescent/secondary school section, adult/high school section, and is organized as Turkish and English resources within itself.

With the library and information access center of TED Çorlu College equipped with digital facilities, each student's reading, thinking and research skills are developed and their information needs are met from various sources. Books, periodicals, reference resources, audio-visual materials and electronic information resources are constantly updated in line with the requirements.

Various activities such as author activities and book talks are organized in the serene environment of the library overlooking the inner courtyard, which receives daylight, in order to develop the habit of reading, researching and using the library in students.

Our school library is open weekdays from 08:30 to 17:30, including lunch and all breaks.

  • Do not talk loudly in the library.
  • Do not enter the library with food or drink other than water.
  • Do not take any material out of the library without borrowing.
  • Leave the books you take from the shelves on the reading table, never on the shelves.
  • Use the computers in the library only for research and resource scanning purposes.
  • If there is audio content in your research from computers, wear headphones.
  • ● Use the individual study rooms to read, study or discuss questions, do not chat in the individual study rooms.
  • Do not leave books, bags, clothes, etc. on the tables to reserve a place. Otherwise, know that the items on the table will be collected by our staff when another user arrives.
  • Get permission from our librarian to use the library garden. Use the library garden as a reading area, do not use it as a playground.
  • Do not run around in the library and the garden of the library, do not behave in a way that disturbs other users.

TED Çorlu College students, teachers and employees can become members of our library with their TR ID numbers and benefit from library resources.


  • Dewey Decimal Classification System was used in the classification of the collections and resources in our library..
  • ● Readers can freely make use of the library materials arranged according to the open shelf system.
Primary school students can borrow 1 book for 15 days,

Middle school students can borrow 1 book for 15 days, 1 volume of journal for 1 week,

High school students can borrow 2 books for 15 days, 1 volume of journal for 1 week,

Teacherscan borrow 3 books for 15 days, 2 volumes of journals for 1 week, and the books required for teaching a semester,

Administrative Staff can borrow 1 book for 15 days.

  • The borrowing period can be extended unless the same material is requested by another reader. The borrowing period of the material requested by another reader is not extended. Readers may extend the return period of materials “once” by the period of borrowing.
  • Audio-visual tools (CD-ROM, video, etc.) are not borrowing to students, but students who wish can use such materials in the library.
  • Readers are obliged to return the material they receive on the same day. They cannot borrow another publication unless they return or extend the expired material.
  • Even though they are warned three times, the re-borrowing process is stopped for one (1) semester and the non-returned material cost is paid to the readers who do not comply with the warnings.
  • Readers are obliged to use the borrowed publications well and to return them without wearing out, and the cost of the damaged material that cannot be used again is paid to the person concerned.
  • Every year, teachers and other staff are obliged to return all library materials they have to the library by the end of June at the latest.
  • ● The borrowing process to students is stopped one month before the summer vacation. Students are obliged to return all library materials they have to the library by the end of May.
  • ● If, for various reasons, the users are in a different province than the one from which the book was borrowed, they send the material to the library by mail or courier within seven days. The shipping cost of the cargo is covered by the sender.

  • Consulting resources (encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, etc.)
  • Audio-visual tools (CD-ROM, video, etc.)
  • Publications that may be needed by many people at the same time
  • Latest issues of journals

Users can use the computers in our library for research during class breaks, lunch breaks and after school.


Reference resources (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.) are not borrowed, they can only be used inside the library. Counseling resources can be used by photocopying at any time. Permission must be obtained from the librarian in order to take out the reference resources to be photocopied from the library.


Databases subscribed by our library can be used on the school campus via the library website without the need for a username and password. In case the databases are to be used outside the campus, a user name and password must be obtained from our library.
Library and Information Center
Library and Information Center
Library and Information Center
Library and Information Center
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