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Applications and Projects


In Turkish Education Association Schools, students are provided with the opportunity to benefit from different programs in various fields in line with their interests, abilities and needs, as well as the knowledge, skills and values that the Ministry of National Education's curriculum aims to gain. Developed for this purpose, BİYP aims to train students who have an investigative spirit in the fields of science, who are productive, who have internalized scientific thinking and who have made these features a way of life. BIYP is a program that enriches educational activities in line with the concept of science, based on students doing research, producing products as a result of research and being productive.

BIYP provides important contributions to individuals, especially their higher education life, and academic applications to national and international universities.

The program is implemented in TED Schools in line with the approval published in the Journal of Notifications of the Ministry of National Education, with the decision of the Board of Education and Discipline dated 06/10/2009 and numbered 170.


The BTEC program, which aims to provide its students with the competencies of the professions they want to have in the future, has been implemented in more than 100 countries for 30 years. BTEC programs in Turkey started to be implemented in TED Ankara College for the first time in 2014 and are implemented only in TED Schools.

BTEC program, which stands for educational excellence and accepted as equivalency by Edexcel, the largest accreditation institution in England for transition to universities abroad, has an educational approach that brings and develops a new perspective to business and technology education.

BTEC programs are recognized and accepted by universities, employers and professional business world, especially in England. With BTEC programs, students obtain internationally recognized “Performance Statement”, “Competence”, “Certificate”, “Diploma” documents.


In order to prepare our students for the university exam in the best way, UDEP is applied to 11th and 12th grades in our school. UDEP is carried out by the school management, PCG Unit, classroom guidance teachers, advisory teachers and branch teachers. Our aim is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our students and ensure their full progress. In accordance with this purpose, studies are carried out below;

• TYT-AYT practice exams,
• Subject screening exams,
• Exam result analysis, determination of missing topics and gains,
• Acceleration and individual studies,
• Regular PCG service follow-ups,
• Class guidance teacher interviews,
• Advisory teacher interviews,
• Organizing career promotion days,
• University trips,
• Preference consultancy services.

Along with the annual work plan determined by the Ministry of National Education, YKS topics are also covered again. As a result of these studies, our students reach their goals by understanding and applying, not by memorizing, without the need for support from outside the school.
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