LGS Preparation

The basis of the LGS preparation program is that our students learn all the subjects in the lessons in the exam completely. Based on this basis, our students are subjected to a systematic program in this process.

With the in-class education technologies applied at TED Çorlu College, students' education is supported constructively, while at the same time, they are prepared for the exam system by solving many questions in the classroom. One of the most important steps of being ready for exams is to master the test technique. For this reason, TED Çorlu College regularly applies trial exams to its students by our institution and TED Headquarters, and these exams are evaluated in detail with advisors and branch teachers. With these evaluations, the students' lack of subject is determined and the students are directed to the Weekend Courses applied by our school.

With the level determination exams (STS) prepared by the education experts of the Turkish Education Association and consisting of questions to scan all exam subjects, students both have the opportunity to try themselves many times before the LGS and learn their average success throughout the country. After the exams, our students examine the correct solutions of the questions that are solved incorrectly or cannot be solved with one-to-one work with their teachers and eliminate their lack of subject.

Within the scope of preparation for the exams, our Psychological Counseling and Guidance unit and our students' special education coaches work together and seminars on motivation and exam anxiety, which are of great importance before the exam, are constantly applied to our students and parents.
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